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  • is it safe to go to a chiropractor? 
    i understand your concern! there are a lot of different chiropractors out there, and there are some that i wouldn't let adjust me either. i'm a very gentle adjuster and am always in conversation with my patients to make sure they're comfortable with every adjustment. no health treatment is completely free of the risk of adverse effects, but chiropractic has an excellent safety record. we are well-trained professionals who provide patients with safe, effective care for a variety of common conditions, without the use of drugs or invasive procedures. i wouldn't have devoted myself to this work if i didn't believe it was absolutely safe and helpful for my patients! i get to see the benefits of this work every day and i would love for you to experience that as well. you can learn more about what the research says here and here. to learn more about the other modalities i include in appointments, please visit the what i offer page
  • what is a chiropractic adjustment? why is there sometimes a popping sound?
    a chiropractic adjustment is the art of using a specific, controlled, high-velocity low-amplitude force in a precise direction that is applied to a joint (often spinal) that is not moving properly. adjustments never move bones beyond their natural physiologic range of motion. the purpose of this natural and safe procedure is to correct alignment and eliminate interference and stress on the nervous system. the noises that sometimes accompany an adjustment are your joints releasing tiny pockets of gas between the joints. much like 'cracking' your knuckles, the noise is just a change of pressure within the joint. not every helpful adjustment makes the popping sound!
  • i'm scared of the popping and cracking noises! will it hurt?
    there are always multiple ways to make an adjustment, and the noise isn't necessary! i'm a very gentle adjuster and have all kinds of tricks and tools to help your body come back into alignment without having to be aggressive. i always check in with patients before every adjustment to make sure they feel safe and ready. usually it doesn't take much force at all! especially because my appointments include a lot of body work, it helps the muscles relax and allows the adjustments to go smoothly. you're always allowed to say 'no thanks!' to any adjustment - maybe you are ok with everything but don't want your neck adjusted, or you once had a chiropractor twist you up like a pretzel and you hated it ... you're in control of your care at all times!
  • what kinds of conditions do chiropractors treat?
    we care for patients of all ages and sizes, and treat a variety of health conditions. we are especially good at treating musculoskeletal conditions like back pain, neck pain, headaches, joint pain, arthritis, injury recovery, sprain/strain, and muscle tension. these painful conditions can also involve or impact the nervous system, which can cause referred pain and dysfunction. i also work with folks who have pelvic floor issues, from bladder leakage to pelvic discomfort, pain during sex, or recovery post-birth.
  • how often am i supposed to see a chiropractor?
    the answer totally varies! i classify patients into acute, chronic, and ongoing. if we've got a big 'project' we're working on, say, an injury that hasn't healed or back pain you've been ignoring for six months, we may have to see each other once (or twice!) a week until we can get on top of the situation. chronic conditions are also taken on a case-by-case basis, depending on the severity and progression. my goal is to get folks to a point where they don't need to see me more than once a month. but i would love folks to come in regularly once a month! i think of it like cleaning your home - dedicating a little time to 'deep clean' regularly helps you stay ahead of any major messes that would pile up. a regular visit to your chiropractor helps you clean up the little tensions that accumulate in your body, and helps you stay ahead of anything that might develop into a problem or injury down the road. it's so much easier for both of us for you to have regular care than to wait until there's an issue that has become disruptive and bothersome! treatment recommendations are always based on individual needs.
  • can i see a chiropractor if i'm pregnant?
    absolutely! it's encouraged! i love working with pregnant folks and with kiddos. chiropractic care during pregnancy reduces labor and delivery time by 25% and many folks find that chiropractic adjustments help them stay comfortable during their pregnancy. chiropractors can help with sciatica, leg pain, round ligament pain, low back pain, and much more. care becomes more beneficial later in the pregnancy. treatment is always based on individual needs, but in general, i recommend once a month in the second trimester, twice a month in the third trimester, and once a week in the final month, to make sure that you and baby are ready for the big day!
  • why would kids see a chiropractor?
    chiropractic care is great for kiddos and babies! for really young ones, chiropractors can help with torticollis + head position preference, reflux, gassiness and constipation, flat spots on the head, latching / feeding / tongue tie support, and ear infections. it's also important as little ones hit new movement milestones, like rolling, sitting, crawling, and walking, to support their spine and keep them on the right track as they grow and relate to gravity in new ways. for older kids, it's about making sure they're on track to keep growing and developing. kiddos always have falls and jumps and bumps that can get them out of alignment or cause pain, and kids who have a lot of screen time (or are bent over their latest lego set!) can also develop neck pain. adjusting kids is very easy and takes very little force - you've probably been rougher on fruit at the grocery store, checking if it's ripe! pediatric and infant adjustments are incredibly easy and gentle. babies will often sleep through their adjustments! bigger kids tend to laugh and giggle. i also support student athletes of all ages to stay on track for their training and competitions.
  • do you take insurance?
    i accept hsa and fsa cards! but unfortunately, insurance is a labyrinth i am too small to navigate at this point in my practice. you may submit a form to your insurance provider for your care, and ask for a reimbursement. i am happy to provide the standard cms 1500 form for you to submit to your insurer (including medicare!). i also don't want finances to be an added stress, so we can always develop a treatment plan that meets your medical needs without draining your bank account.
  • how long should my appointment be?
    i usually suggest an hour for appointments - it gives me time to work on multiple areas, since they're all connected! if your schedule or finances mean we have a shorter appointment, that's ok too! i always work to use the time as effectively as i can. the initial appointment always includes 10-15 minutes of paperwork and initial exams. it's important that i understand what is bringing you in and the big picture of your health history. i also need to do some initial evaluating so that i understand where we're starting from! but we jump into the 'good stuff' as soon as we can. taking the time to be thorough on the front end is part of what keeps this work safe and effective. i recommend at least a 45 minute appointment for your initial visit, but an hour is usually best. there are longer appointments available - these allow us to focus on more areas and go deeper with the work. some bodies don't like to be rushed! longer appointments also allow for multiple treatment modalities, like adding acupuncture to a regular chiro visit. longer appointments are a luxury for both of us - i've never had a patient where i've run out of things to do! there's always something that can soften or loosen up or feel a little better.
  • what supplement brand do you trust?
    thorne! it's a brand i trust completely. they have high quality ingredients and sourcing, rigorous testing, and are the best of the best. i don't go overboard on supplements, and am happy to talk you through what might be most supportive for you. you can shop thorne products here. i have a small 'storefront' where i offer the supplements that i think are most beneficial! existing patients get 10% off - please let me know if you're interested and i can send you your discount code via email!
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