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now open saturdays 8-1 

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what i offer

my work begins with listening.
listening to you, listening to your body,
and listening to your experience of your body. 

from this listening, it's pretty easy to know what to do and how to work together.

you can get to know more about the different modalities available by reading more below. 

you can choose which you'd like at the start of the appointment,

or we can determine together what blend of them would be most effective for that session

energy work

this work is a powerful rearranging and clearing of the body's energy fields. using chakras as well as spring forest qi-gong energy techniques, we identify parts of the energetic body that are holding on or stuck on something, and then work to clear that energy out and replace it with something new and freeing

chiropractic care
+ acupuncture

a hands-on method of healing that uses structural adjustment, soft tissue bodywork, and consultation on other lifestyle factors like movement and stretching to remove stress from tissues and restore bodies to their natural state of brilliance. i am also a licensed chiropractic acupuncturist and offer acupuncture, cupping, gua sha massage, and taping

craniosacral therapy

your spinal cord is everything to your body - the central spot for communication and information between your body and your mind. this cord is surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid, and craniosacral work focuses on the smooth and juicy flow of that fluid from tip to tail through micro re-alignments of cranial and sacral bones

pelvic floor rehabilitation

rehab of the pelvic floor involves re-education of the complex network of muscles that attach to the pelvis. this is a hands-off modality that involves coaching and instruction on how to strengthen and/or relax these muscles for improved core stability, bowel and bladder control, and sexual function

other offerings

sessions may or could include the following modalities: yoga therapy, ayurvedic medicine, breathwork, self-regulation, spiritual care, and somatics. if you'd like to know more about any of these options, please email me at to discuss them further

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education, training, and experience

i graduated summa cum laude from northwestern health sciences university with a doctor of chiropractic degree in december of 2022, with a certificate in chiropractic acupuncture. i am also a certified yoga therapist ( and was one of the first 150 people in the world to earn that certification when i received it in 2014. i have since helped write the boards entrance exams for incoming c-iayt practitioners. i have been teaching yoga and anatomy for almost ten years, i taught self-regulation to k-12 students in a private school in minneapolis for two years, and have lead pelvic floor workshops and retreats for five years. 

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