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now open saturdays 8-1 

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a little fun at every visit

two great things happen at every appointment! one, you get to choose a sticker. they all say "bodies are meant to be enjoyed" and new designs come out regularly, so you have to collect them all!

also, every visit enters you in a monthly drawing for a $50 gift card to the cook county whole foods coop. it's important to eat well and take care of yourself. spending time with me is one way to do that, and i want to support nourishing your body too!

tell all your friends!

i would love your help growing my practice and spreading the word about how good bodies can feel when they're well cared for. every new patient you refer will get $20 off their first visit, and you'll get $20 off your next visit once they have their session! sounds like a win-win-win to me ...

supplement solutions

i don't go overboard on supplements, and am happy to talk you through what might be most supportive for you. you can shop thorne products here. i have a small 'storefront' where i offer the supplements that i think are most beneficial! (hint: everyone living in mn needs to take vitamin d from equinox to equinox...)


existing patients get 10% off - please let me know if you're interested and i can send you your discount code via email

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