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two part breathing

in the june edition of "i've got your back" we're talking about one of my favorite - super simple - breathing techniques. this is great if you need help regulating, weathering an emotional storm, or if you are really overcome with joy and beauty and want to ground yourself and drink in the moment! i know summer can come with both of those.

this activity couldn't be simpler. imagine that your breath fills two different compartments in your torso: your belly and your chest. we're going to fill them, and empty them, separately. try to be very articulate with this - put a teensy pause in between each one. let the breath be full and nourishing, trying to fill the compartment the whole way before moving on to the next one, but don't push it so much that it feels stretched or punishing! you may notice that the more of them you do, the softer and more spacious each breath becomes. but at it's core, it's this simple ::

fill the belly

fill the chest

emtpy the belly

empty the chest

i made a video so you can follow along with me if you'd like! but i totally trust you to experiment, be curious, slow down, and notice what you notice. you can't really do it wrong as long as you're paying attention :)

if you have any questions, about these practices or others, don't hesitate to reach out! my email is and i love to chat about bodies :)

stay tuned the last wednesday of the month for "i've got your back" at 8:20(ish) on's north shore morning show!

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