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shoulder mobility + beat the winter blues

in the march edition of "i've got your back" we learn about the importance of opening our posture so that we aren't too slumped over, and learn how we can mobilize our shoulders.

emotions work from the outside in, and having our posture collapsed forward and slouching is a great recipe for disaster. when our hearts are curled up and closed off, we can get to feeling low pretty quickly. it's understandable that at this time of the year, winter that seems like it will never end, we take some proactive steps to open our chests and keep the shoulders moving.

:: shoulder mobility ::

with arms extended in front of you, sitting up tall, palms facing one another, reach your left hand forward, wrapping the shoulder blade as far forward as it can go. then extend your right arm, starting at the shoulder blade, to the same place. then pull your left arm and shoulder blade all the way back, wrapping your shoulder blade as close to the spine as you can, and then have your right arm do the same.

:: towel relaxation ::

take a hand towel, washcloth, or even a thick pair of socks folded up, and place them along your spine, below the base of your skull and not extending beyond your mid-back. lay down with the roll between your shoulder blades and notice how as you lay on the ground, your chest melts open! this is a great passive way to undo the stress we all accumulate and to undo the slouching that seems to come so naturally. lay on the ground here for 5-15 minutes. i like to keep a rolled-up towel tucked underneath the couch so that when i get home at the end of the day or have some relaxing time, it's easy to grab it and lay down for a bit!

if you have any questions, about these practices or others, don't hesitate to reach out! my email is and i love to chat about bodies :)

listen to the full interview here and stay tuned the last wednesday of the month for "i've got your back" at 8:20(ish) on's north shore morning show!

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